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While the benefits of waterproof plywoods are endless, it’s extremely important to know each and everything about waterproof plywood before making the right purchase. From what it is to its uses and more, this blog will cover all about BWP i.e., Boiling Waterproof Plywood.

So, go get your reading glasses and enjoy reading.

What is BWP plywood?
BWP or boiling waterproof plywood is 100% waterproof plywood. BWP plywood doesn't deteriorate due to the attack of water. It is also known as marine grade plywood. Due to its exceptional moisture resistant properties. BWP plywood is the most long lasting plywood available in the market today!

CenturyPly offers multiple BWP grade products, i.e.:

● ArchitectPly

● Club Prime

● Bond 710

● SAINIK 710

Difference between BWP and BWR plywood?
We have been asked this question multiple times and a lot of consumers still fall for BWR plywood as BWP plywood. BWR is boiling water resistant plywood while BWP is boiling waterproof plywood, while BWR also has a great moisture resistant capacity it isn’t as strong as BWP plywood. When it comes to plywood being in direct contact with water, BWP grade plywood should be used.

Stay away from fake products
Being the most durable type of plywood, its manufacturing is also very typical. Thus, not everyone can manufacture good quality BWP plywood, but the increasing demand in the market has given rise to a lot of counterfeit sellers. These counterfeit sellers dip low quality plywood in paint solutions to give it an appearance similar to BWP plywood. Then what can one do? Here are a few things you can do to identify the quality of your purchase:

1. Basic quality checks:
Check for cracks, gaps, splitting layers, bending etc.

2. Boiling water test:
Dip a small piece of plywood in boiling water for some hours and check megaorei if it stays intact or not. A typical BWP grade plywood can stay intact for more than 50 hours in boiling water. (SAINIK 710 for complete 72 hours)

3. CenturyPromise App:
If you are choosing CenturyPly then you can also authenticate your purchase using the CenturyPromise App. Each and every CenturyPly product is imprinted with a unique QR code which can be scanned via the App.

Uses of BWP grade plywood
With excellent resistance against water, BWP grade plywood is mostly used for places that are more prone to damage due to attack of water. Some of these include:

● Bathroom,

● Kitchen,

● Laundry, etc.

BWP grade plywood aka Marine is also used for ships, boats and marine equipment. Yes, it’s that strong.

SAINIK 710, durable, affordable and asli waterproof!
With exceptional technology and durability comes the price, not! Thanks to our team of researchers and inventors we have successfully curated a BWP grade plywood that is not just asli waterproof but is also an asli budget saver. SAINIK 710 comes at a modest price of only 105 rs/unit (unit= 929 sq. com, Incl. GST).

With SAINIK 710 now designing beautiful yet durable kitchens and bathrooms is no longer a dream. Know in detail about SAINIK today:

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